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Frack - It's February????

This has been an interesting winter, to say the least. We wound up having two days off the week before last and even had a snow day last Wednesday. That now puts us at 9 days missed. Sounds like Ohio might be nice and give us 4 days beyond our normal 5 calamity days, so we shouldn't have many to make up (hopefully!)

Anyhoo, I'm sitting on mom's sofa and watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony. It's always a damn shame when politics gets in the way of the spirit of the Olympics (Putin, I'm looking at you!), but that's pretty much what happens anyhoo. I shall watch with the same optimism that I always do - here's hundreds of people from around the world coming together to NOT kill each other, but instead show off how well they've been working on their particular skill or talent. And I just love that and have since I was wee.

The Rite of Spring part of the opening ceremony is currently showing on the telly and it's quite beautiful. I do wish that NBC would allow people to watch the ceremony WITHOUT the stupid color commentary. This part of the show is NOT a sport, so needs no color commentary. (I also wish NBC would sell a "see it all online" package to those of us who've "cut the cable." I'd pay good money to see the Olympics without having to subscribe to cable or satellite. (Still, this gives me an excuse to visit the folks. Not that I really need an excuse to visit.)

On Wednesday, our last day off due to snow, I made my first loaf (actually, first two loaves) of sourdough bread. I bought some sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour which arrived last Saturday and it was plenty ready to be used by Wednesday. I donated blood that afternoon (thankfully the roads were much improved by then) and brought a loaf along to share with the folks. Mom had invited me to supper afterward, so we had chilli soup and sourdough bread. Yum!

Tonight, I brought the second loaf with me and dad and mom made toasted cheese sandwiches (which we had with leftover soup) with the bread. Yummy! I intend to try another sourdough recipe on Sunday.

Anyway, I need to stop and just enjoy the rest of the opening ceremony. For those of you who watch the Olympics too, I hope you enjoy them!
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