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Merry Christmas!

Seems to be I've only been posting to my journal on holidays. So I guess I'll be posting on Jan 1 next. Heh.

We've been off school since Friday, which has been lovely. Sadly, I wasn't caught up in grading yet, so Monday I went back to school and got some done, finished more that night, and did even more this morning. I'm nearly caught up - whew!

The folks and I decided to celebrate Christmas Eve tonight by going to a local restaurant's Christmas Eve buffet. By the time mom got us reservations, most of the later evening slots were filled up, so we reserved for 4:30 at the Caroline. Dinner was fab. And we're still full!

Once again, my sister is holding Christmas hostage (not that I mind the extra wait), so present opening will take place on Saturday at the earliest. Amy flies in on Friday night. *bounce bounce*

I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping (just something yet to get for one of my little cousins - I'll get it on Boxing Day) and most of what I've ordered folks has arrived. So I'll be wrapping presents on Boxing Day, along with making Chex Mix and baking bread. Should be a lovely day. :-)

I'm spending the night with the folks tonight since tomorrow (Christmas) will be Baking Day. We're watching The Hunger Games in anticipation of watching Catching Fire some time when Amy is with us.

I hope those of you who celebrate have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow (or whenever you're able to celebrate). And those of you who don't, have a wonderful Wednesday!
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