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Happy Autumn! - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Happy Autumn!
Happy First Day of Autumn!

Although I've not been posting anything, life has been good for me lately. The fall festivals are popping up (yesterday was Taste of Troy, which was very yummy) and the weather has been gorgeous. Mom and I took a lovely bike ride today. The leaves are still mostly green, but there are some trees that are starting to turn and leaves are starting to drop.

The weight loss is slow but still trending down. Doing Taste of Troy *and* attending a steak party with friends last night haven't done anything to help it, but when I ask myself the all-important question "Was it worth the points?" the answer was a definite "yes!" Plus I managed to avoid eating so much that I felt ill in the evening. I did manage to use up most of my extra weekly points yesterday and today, but I should be able to cope for the rest of the week just fine.

Next weekend is the Tipp City Mum Festival, I believe, and Oktoberfest is just around the corner as well. I'm already behind in grading at work (no surprise there) but was impressed with myself when, after the first two weeks of school, I was NOT already 2 weeks behind. Go me!

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rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: September 24th, 2013 05:16 am (UTC) (Link)
Go you indeed! I've been trying to go to the gym more often because I'd like to drop at least a few pounds before my trip to LA at the end of next month, but even though I'm going there a lot more than I did last month, that's really not saying much. Avoiding becoming ill is a very good thing, though. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach & I fail to remember this at my peril; last week I had the new smothered burrito at Taco Bell and really should have stopped about halfway, cos I ate the whole thing & had an unhappily overfilled tum the rest of the evening.

I'm glad you're keeping perspective & not being too hard on yourself, though. I tend to beat myself up emotionally whenever I don't go to the gym, but I know that nobody can be perfect at these things, and if the points were worth it, that's all that really matters. :)
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