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Pix or it didn't happen!

As promised, here are some photos that I took in Chicago and in Galena when elsaf, judiang, and I got together the past week.

Cell Phone Wars
Elsa and Judi and I engage in a simple game of "Cell Phone Wars" - I think I won cuz I got 'em both in one shot! ;-)

Elsa on the boat
Elsa awaits the boat ride to see the Navy Pier fireworks.

Judi on the boat
Judi also awaits the fireworks on the boat. I probably had the same expression that she did that night.

Night Pier Shot
Navy Pier at night.

American Gothic
Seeing this painting at the Art Institute of Chicago was even neater after seeing the 3D version at Troy's Sculptures on the Square exhibit.

Chicago at Dusk
From our second night time boat ride, the city of Chicago at dusk.

Chicago Haze
A shot from my morning bike ride. I'm probably 6 miles or so from Judi's place when I took this photo.

Me and the Mississippi
You can see my shadow (and that of the sign beside me) as I look over the Mississippi near Galena, IL. That's Iowa on the other side of the river.

Chestnut Mountain Resort
The front of the resort we stayed in near Galena, IL.

High Foot Bridge
We had to climb up to the top of the levy to get to this foot bridge to cross the Galena river and get to the town proper.

Lots of Stairs
I never did get a good enough shot to really get a feel for how high up the stairs go in Galena. I think Judi got a nice one though.

Galena from the Bridge
A shot of Galena from atop the foot bridge.

Grant Our Citizen(s)
From the size of this photo, you can't hardly see the caption on the statue, but it says "Grant Our Citizen." I had to get Judi to pose in front of it, of course.
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