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Instant Gratification Takes Too Long

I always loved that quote from Postcards from the Edge. Indeed, it's the story of my life. I have no patience. And yet, it's the antici...........................................................pation that I probably love the most. Usually. Advent is probably my favorite time of the year because it's the time to anticipate Christmas and the Holidays and time spent with family and friends (and let's not forget Christmas Break). But when it comes to technology, not only do I dislike anticipation, but I hate any sort of delays. I can explain the same problem 15 times to a student and not strangle the kid. But if a computer acts up, I have no patience. I swear (as long as I'm not in a classroom - I hope!). I know a lot of swear words now. I think it's because of the computers. :-)

So why this discussion of impatience? Cuz now just about everyone I've talked to have seen my new page - EXCEPT ME. What's really weird is that dad, who lives in the house next door and also has RoadRunner, can already see the new page. Perhaps after I reboot my computer it'll show. Perhaps...
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