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Family Heirlooms

In my last post, I'd mentioned a "new" corner cupboard that has come to reside in my house. I'd also talked about a set of glassware which has been part of my household for some while, but has only now gotten displayed. So I thought I'd take some photos to show.

The corner cupboard is from the Short side of the family while the dishes are from the Anderson side of the family. So I'm quite delighted that I get to pair to two. Mom (and dad) was over on Friday and she quite graciously organized the dishes in the cabinet to help display them better. (I'm rubbish at such things, but she's got a real knack, as you'll see in the photo.)

So, here we go:

The Corner Cupboard.
Here is a shot of the cupboard with the doors and drawers shut.

The Corner Cupboard
A shot of the cupboard with doors and drawers open. My 6 qt crock pot has found its home already.

Cupboard and Dishes
A shot of my lovely Depression Glassware inside the Corner Cupboard.

The Dining Room
A shot of my "dining" room with corner cupboard and curio cabinet.
Plus my fab IKEA table and chairs and my lovely Hunter ceiling fan.
Oh, and Linus.

So, thank you Aunt Alma for the dishes and Aunt Becky for the cupboard. I have (and have had in the past) some pretty cool aunts. :-)
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