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The 1200 - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The 1200
I don't pay much attention to what number of post my (now admittedly very rare) LJ posts are, but I just happened to notice I had 1199 entries under my belt before I started this one up. So, yay for number 1200!

So, what have been up to since I turned 42? Well, Amy got home safe und sound. School's been pretty normal (though the cold & flu season is going on). I finally got caught up in grading. (The catapult research papers were a bit long in the tooth when I finally graded them.)

Yesterday, we had a sunny & almost warm day - nearly 50F. Dad grilled us New York strip steaks and they were so tender and very tasty. I was able to take half of mine home & tonight sliced up 1/4 of the leftovers to put on my salad. Yummy.

Also yesterday, I did my semi-regular trip down to the Bookery for my Doctor Who magazines. When I went to Jeet India afterwards (as I always do on said trips), the place was GONE. Just an empty space in the strip mall. Very sad. So I decided to get fast food Thai at Tik's Thai Express. Good pad thai, tasty crab rangoon, and only so-so satay. Had the leftover pad thai for lunch today. (The good news? When I checked at home, it turns out they've merely moved locations. Will get to Jeet next time I'm down there!)

Decided to give the 2D version of The Hobbit a try today (before it leaves the theaters). Was surprised to see other folks in the theater. Still a very fun movie, though I think I prefer the high frame rate. Wish they'd do 2D at HFR.

This week is supposed to get bloody cold. Tuesday to get no higher than 11F. (My sister says MN is to have a high that's -2F tomorrow. Brrrrr!) Wonder if we'll have a delay on Tuesday with the very low wind chill temp. (It's happened before.)

At any rate, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, keep warm & drive safe in the snow/ice. Those of you south of the equator, keep cool! (Dern that climate change!)

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rembrandt13 From: rembrandt13 Date: January 21st, 2013 07:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
I never check my numbers either--evidently I have 2,198 posts. Not bad for a twelve-year-old LJ... :)

The weather has been crazy warm here--it feels more like April than January. I'm hoping the cold comes back here, too; much as I worry about Fergus staying warm overnight, the perpetual drought here in Cali means we can use all the rain & snow that we can get.

When I saw David on Saturday, he suggested that we see The Hobbit while we still can, so hopefully we'll do so in the next week. I know that I'll make some sort of embarrassing squee-type noise when I first see Sylvie! :D
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