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Welcome 2013!

Nearly a week into the new year and I'm finally posting. I blame my sinus infection. When I wasn't hanging out with the folks and Amy (or working), I was getting sleep to fight my sinus infection.

But I'm feeling almost normal (or as normal as I can be) and have a bit of time this morning to type up a post about the end of 2012 and start of 2013.

Amy arrived late on Friday evening and it was lovely to have her home again. We did Christmas morning on Saturday, then. First stockings, full of fun, small kitchen gadgets, then breakfast. Dad grilled us Egg McMikey's and served 'em on the English Muffin Toasting Bread that I had baked for just that occassion.

We opened lots of presents and, once again, won at Christmas. Mom and I even zipped off to the Co-op in the middle in order to pick up a few supplies (and then to Kroger to pick up one more Christmas pressie). I got lots of nifty stuff, including a mini-cannon (which actually fires), bread baking supplies, nice clothes (most of which fit), and an HO train car, just like Christmasses when I was a kid. Lovely nostalgia. :-)

Sunday was mom's day to shine. She decided to make a true Anderson dinner. Her brothers and my cousins were invited around for dinner and she made fried chicken and noodles like Grandma. Amy and I helped with other things, like banana salad and rolls. I decided NOT to make Grandma's tapioca, because the last time I'd made it, everyone tasted it and said "Gee, this tastes just like Grandma's tapioca. I never did like her tapioca!" Heh.

Monday was New Years Eve and we had a relaxing day which finished off with us having snacks and watching Trading Places and The Amazing Spider-Man before the ball dropped. I fired my cannon during the countdown (almost timing it perfectly).

New Years Day was even more relaxing. Mom made us baked oatmeal for breakfast. I got to watch my parade (thank you Pasadena!). I finished reading The Casual Vacancy. We had pork and kraut for lunch. I opened birthday presents. Money to buy Neil Innes, new box-set and a Mah Jongg tile set in handy carrying case. Sadly, I then had to go home that evening because I worked the next day.

I felt bad for my students. Even though I felt fine, by this point in my sinus infection, I had practically lost my voice. I felt like a cough drop addict on Thursday. But on Friday, during physics, my ear canal finally drained and I could hear again. And today I feel even better.

So a nice, quiet start to the New Year. That works for me! I hope others have had a great start and that 2013 turns out to be the Best Year Ever!
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