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More on Music

(Or should that be moron music?)

MusicMatch doesn't have a nifty way to display your playlists or music collection, but since I can print my music collection from MM, I can print to PDF file. So, to give folks an idea of what sort of music that I already listen to, I've made a .pdf file of my current list of tunes. (This doesn't include my Christmas songs or my audio stories.) Click here to access the big-ass file. (Actually, it didn't take long to open up on my machine - perhaps it won't be so difficult to preview?)

I've gotten some suggestions so far to my request for new groups/songs to listen to. I'll get to those, and I'm asking for even more beyond that. So once again, anything you think I should try, lemme know and I'll see if Rhapsody has 'em. Thanks for the suggestions so far and for the ones yet to come! :-)

Anyhoo, off to bed! Leo's raring to go!
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