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Seas and Ships and Ceiling Wax

Wow, December is half over and I've not updated once. And many's the time I've thought "I should post that to LJ" and then never did. My round tuits are around here someplace...

First off: The Hobbit. Ever since I saw Peter Jackson's take on the Lord of the Rings, I wanted him to tackle The Hobbit. And then when he cast Sylvester McCoy in it, I got even more excited. I'm pleased that judiang got into Richard Armitage, because the Armitage Army have been a great source for Hobbit info. :-)

Anyhoo, for mom's birthday last year, I got her tickets to my favorite ballet (The Nutcracker). This year, I got her tickets to a movie with my favorite actor in it. :-) So yesterday, mom, dad, and I went doon sooth to the only theatre in the area showing the film at 48 frames per second. We got ideal seats and enjoyed the flick immensely. The picture quality is so crisp, and I never got nauseous once (which I always do in 3D movies). The folks enjoyed the flick too, and neither recognized Sylv in his role (though dad had pretty much narrowed it down to Radagast). Woo!

As for Sylv in the flick - wonderful. But then I would say that. Heh. I was pleased by the amount of the movie that he's in. Hope he shows up in the other two, too!

In other news: After our trip to Ikea in MN, I decided to go the next weekend to my own Ikea (which is even further doon sooth than the theatre where we saw The Hobbit) and get the stuff I'd decided I liked in MN. I measured my trunk and knew that everything would fit - probably. And it did. I got a dining room table (small & square that expands out to a bigger rectangle when needed), 4 dining room chairs with extra seat covers (I have cats, you know), a coffee table (Lack, with a shelf), and some candles. I even planned ahead with Weight Watchers and knew how many points my meal would be. Heh.

WeightWatchers: I am on it again through work. And believe it or not, am losing despite Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. I'll be surprised (though pleasantly so) if I lose over the break.

Holidays: Probably my least decorated yet. Have the tree up, got a real wreath & roping and they're finally up, and today got out the other things I'll decorate with. Though not everything is in place yet. Didn't swap out dishes like usual, though. Amy will be in after Christmas, so before Christmas, I'm doing a short weekend in Chicago to hang with Judi and elsaf. Should be much fun.

Holiday shopping: Mostly done with that. Not yet done with Amy, and there's a few things to buy locally for mom and another friend. Oh yeah, little cousins... Hmmm.

Last week of school: This week is our last of 2012. If I get all of my grading done, I'll be very pleased. That's my goal for the week. One less thing to hang over my holiday. :-)

Wow, 2012, you've gone by so fast. You know, 2013, you can take your time if you want (even though I AM ready to watch the second Hobbit movie. Heh.)
Tags: elsa, judi, mom. dad, movies, sylvester mccoy
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