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Long Day is Long

I got up this morning at 3:45am EST. It's now 11:42pm EST, so I've been up for a long time. Why, you ask? Well, this morning the folks and I flew to Minnesota to visit my sister - woohoo!

Our flight took off at 6:45am and we got in early - 7:30am CST. Turns out Amy was mistaken on the arrival time (we were supposed to arrive at 8am, she was thinking 8:40) but she met up with us at the car rental place shortly after we had loaded it up.

We headed to her place of work for K-Day where they were celebrating with kalua, koffee, and kookies. Apparently this is a tradition on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We got to meet several co-workers (current and former) of hers and it was always fun being introduced as "Amy's sister" or "Amy's parents" etc. :-)

As I'm rather tired, I'm sure I'll get some of this wrong, but I think we next went to pick up the turkey & last minute items from the co-op. Sadly, the "fresh" turkey was frozen, but we think we'll be good for tomorrow.

Once back at Amy's, we figured out where to head for lunch. We went to Herkimer Brewery as mom would get bonus points for her air miles card (or something). I thought the beer battered fish was very good, as was the tartar sauce. Sadly, some of the other things there weren't quite as good. The fries were no better than ones you'd find in your grocer's freezer. Ah well, the Strongbow cider was a plus.

We had a couple more things to pick up while out, then we returned home for naps. I didn't nap, but got caught up on e-mail and twitter. But not LJ, sadly. Or else I wouldn't be doing this now when I'm too tired to type. I think I'll finish this for now and continue tomorrow (or whenever I next get to updating. Heh.)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow (minutes away in Ohio!) so y'all have a great day!
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