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WoW claims another victim - NaNoWriMo

First, I should updated my WoW icon. I don't play the two Horde characters in the list, and I don't have my Worgen or Pandarian showing.

Second, I have now paused on my NaNoWriMo novel. I got past 6100 words, but then Parent/Teacher Conferences came. When I got home late from the first night, I realized I would rather play World of Warcrack than work further on my novel. (And I really don't know what happened the day before - what was my excuse for Wednesday?)

Friday night we had a dinner party at a friend's place. An Oktoberfest in November. What's funny is what occured BEFORE the party...

See, thanks to my gaming addiction, I've been having issues getting to my parents' house at the times I say I'll be there. Dad now just expects me to be late 'cuz it happens so often. (He is a scientist, you know, and is good with interpreting evidence.) So I was going to be on time, dammnit!

I actually set the stove timer to remind me when I should bug out Friday evening. I played WoW until the timer went off. And then headed outside. I scolded myself as I exited that I hadn't parked in front like I'd told myself I would do in the morning. (I actually drove to work that morning since I was running late. I don't game before work, but Twitter sometimes distracts me in a similar fashion.)

I walked into the garage and noticed the absence of car. Um, the reason I hadn't remembered to park in front of the house? I hadn't remembered to drive home! LOL. I stood there laughing at myself, then called dad on my cell as I started walking (quickly) to the school to get my car.

I wasn't much later to the folks than I had intended, and we wound up being the first there to our friends' place. The evening was fun and I had two hard ciders during the course of the evening. (Was fine when it was time to drive the folks home.)

And when I got home, I wasn't in the mood to write. So the poor thing is languishing. I haven't decided yet if I want to give it up or try to jump start it. We have another round of parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday. Then when Thanksgiving comes, I'll be busy with family family family.

Hmmm, I have Christmas music playing now. Perhaps if I turned the novel to a Christmas story I'd be more likely to write it...
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