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Quicky end of month post

Can I get this posted before midnight? Let's try!

Today the parental units and I went to the Tipp City Mum Festival. Lots of stalls selling things, mostly autumn-themed items. Several stalls with mums and pumpkins too. And of course, the most important stalls, the food vendors!

Dad and I each got gyros (mine lamb, his chicken), mom got a corn dog, and we split an order of spiral fried potatoes (basically, home made potato chips). Good eats. Then for dessert, the folks got a peach cobbler a la mode which was tasty, and I got the deep fried sampler: cheesecake bites, Nutterbutters, and Oreos. Almost too sweet for me (almost). Thankfully, the folks ate almost half of the sampler.

This evening was cards at Aunt Becky's - probably the last time we'll play cards at her house as she'll be moving to a two bedroom apartment in two weeks. And we'll probably play cards there (as she's moving into the same complex as another of our regular card players). I came in second during the first game, and came in first during the second - woo!

Oh, and I think Sophie Aldred spoiled tonight's Doctor Who episode for me. Reading Twitter before you've watched the episode can be a bad idea...

Oooh - I think I made the time - woo!
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