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And so it begins...

Well, only 1 more teacher work day before the kids join us at school (their first day is Tuesday). We had Open House last night and I had a few visitors (par for the course). And I think I may be ready for school!

Just about every time I'd think I was there, I'd remember something else, but when I left today, I realized that the only thing I need to do yet is post the first week's schedule on the white board. The stuff will clean easier if I don't leave it up more than a week, which is why I didn't put it up today.

Anyhoo, lesson plans are done and uploaded to my web page, notes are prepared and uploaded to my web page, first day paperwork is printed, administrative paperwork for 1st period is laid out on the desks with 1st period's books.

Here's hoping this well-prepared start will bode well for the rest of the year!
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