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Summer Winds Down

I have had a fabulous summer. Many days of sitting & reading with my kitties (Lucy's on the chair with me right now, in fact). Time spent riding my new bike. Walking in the woods. Vacations to Chicago and Minneapolis. Plenty of family time with the folks.

Sadly, summer is now winding down. Our first day is next Thursday and the kids' first day is two weeks from yesterday (on Grandma's birthday). I've been popping into the school getting things ready, though not in earnest yet. And today I went to a meeting to start my training as a Mentor.

This will be the start of my 20th year teaching and this year I shall be a mentor to a new teacher - woo! I hope I will be a good mentor. I've met the new teacher and already answered some of her questions. I think she'll be a good teacher and I hope she has a great year at Newton!

Anyhoo, I've got more smartphone bragging to do in a future post, including the nifty accessories I've gotten for it. (Going to try out a case when it finally arrives, possibly Saturday.)

Oh, and in a side note (only related because the other item in the package with the case will be the final Sylvester McCoy Doctor Who DVD), I'm quite pleased that from now until The Hobbit premiers in December, I'll have new Sylv stuff to listen to each month thanks to Big Finish. (With The Hobbit now being split into 3 movies, I hope that Sylv's stint as Radagast the Brown will be in the first flick still...)
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