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More on 'Droids

Ask anyone who's talked with me lately and they'll tell you this - Trina loves her new phone!

I loved my AT&T Tilt - it did what I needed it to do until only recently when it couldn't keep up with the Joneses. But my Galaxy S III has been able to do what I wanted and then some.

And I understand why people get so excited about "apps." I've had far too much fun at Google Play finding and trying out apps for my phone.

In addition to the software I mentioned in my previous entry, I have installed the following wonderful apps:
  • RealCalc A scientific calculator, like you do.

  • ColorDict It's nice having a dictionary on one's phone. Also got the thesaurus and spelling app.

  • Lightning Bug As recommended by a friend - I think I'm going to try sleeping with this ambient/white noise maker. First night with it a success.

  • Alarm Clock Extreme I'm going to try and use my phone as my daily alarm and this program looks like it will fit the bill. Will probably buy it.

  • Book Catalogue I really wish there was an app that synced with LibraryThing, but this at least can pull info from Goodreads. (So now I have to keep that database up to date too. I prefer LT, however.)

  • SoundHound Recommended by the friend who recommended Lightning Bug. That I can catch songs when I'm offline is fab. Now I just have to remember that I have this program when I hear a song that I want to ID.

  • Smart Tools THIS is why they made Smartphones! I love all of the tools from this program: compass, flashlight, decibel meter, etc. Brilliant.

  • Cocktail Flow Dad had this ad-supported app on his MP3 player and it looked fun. And best of all, the ads don't show up when you're offline.

  • iBird Pro Many's the time I wondered what that birdsong was. Perhaps this program will help...

  • The Night Sky Many's the time I wondered what that celestial object was. Perhaps this program will help...

  • Periodic Table Well, duh, I'm a chemistry teacher!

  • OI Shopping List Going to see if I can switch from paper lists to using my phone. So far, so good!

  • Alchemy Not the Popcap game of the same name - this interesting thing has you mix "elements" together to make new stuff. More interesting than it sounds. I made a whale!

  • Angry Birds Like you do... (They only have the ad-supported version, but once again, offline = no ads.)

  • Glow Hockey 2 Pro With Bejeweled 2 not yet available for my version of Android, I think this will be my "go to game." Quite fun.

This isn't all of the apps I've got on my phone, but they are some of the niftiest ones. I've got a couple of Text-To-Speech programs/voices that I'm trying out as well. CoPilot needs a decent voice. If any of you have nifty Android apps that you love, share the love - I'm always looking for more ideas.
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