Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Small Plates Day

Yesterday, I flew to Chicago to visit judiang. Though we arrived on time, the train to Roosevelt took forever. And since Judi had misplaced her cell phone, there wasn't a way to tell her when I'd arrived (though it wasn't long before she showed up in the lobby).

We then raced to the Indian place she liked, though the bus also took forever (slow day for public transport) and we arrived 15 minutes before the buffet shut down. So we filled our plates and got our kheer (rice pudding) and had a leisure lunch while the restaurant cleared up the lunch buffet. (We weren't even the last to arrive - Vernon Dursley and his wife showed up with friends... Well, I thought it looked like him.)

We returned to Judi's flat to veg & nap. And when Judi awoke, she had a brilliant idea. Ice cream followed by fireworks. Hell yeah! Then I improved upon by recommending the Navy Pier Death March. So we did just that. We took our time walking in the 140% humidity (no, really!) to Navy Pier, then went to Haagen Dazs for shakes (she got strawberry, I got caramel). We then waited for the fireworks.

While waiting, several yachts were mooching about near the pier, several covered in drunk people. On one, a big fat bastard took his shirt off for us on the pier, then turned around, pulled his pants down and mooned us. Um, no thanks. Judi, thankfully, was oblivious and I didn't draw her attention to it.

Fireworks were excellent (and this is something they do ever Saturday and Wednesday at Navy Pier in the summer). We wound up with a great spot (apart from the terrestrial moon). Sure, we had pondered going on one of the night boat tours, but they were sold out of up top seating. I recommended Judi return to Navy Pier in a week and get on said tour.

We took the bus back. I noticed that we could have walked the way back in less time and for less money, but we got to sit in air conditioning.

elsaf was originally going to join us today, but had to delay her departure indefinitely. So Judi and I opted for Dim Sum for brunch. Mmmm, Chinese tapas! We also stopped over at Target to pick up a few odds & ends, and managed to walk home before the Big Storm hit. (Having had one of these in Ohio recently, I'm beginning to think they are following me.)

We had another relaxation/nap time whereupon I discovered Elsa had texted me a couple of times to say she was able to come along later today. Woo! So she's on the road to join us after all. *big cheer*

Judi's next brilliant idea (she's been full of them this trip) was time at the pool. I wasn't too sure at first - the storm had cooled things off a little - but we went and had a lovely time. And her next idea was a topper to that. How about we walk to the Spanish tapas place, Valencia?

This we did. We had a lovely variety of Spanish dim sum, including the duck confit which is ambrosia, and the crepe rellena (crepe with goat cheese, spinach, apples, and pine nuts) which is vegetarian ambrosia. We both had the spicy mango margarita, which I didn't think was all that strong, but Judi did. And then having finished mine, realized that maybe I'd drunk mine too fast. But I followed it with a mojito anyhoo. And I think I'm nicely drunk now. Oh, dessert was their crema con chocolate (creme brulee with bittersweet chocolate).

I am full and happy. And, apparently, drunk.
Tags: chicago, food, judi
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