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Riding Free!

Today I gave my new bike (and consequently myself) a decent workout. Some of my (now retired) co-workers have been getting together during the biking months to ride the bike trails in Miami County, and I was able to join them today - woo!

I tried to find a (cheap) bike mounting system for my car and Wal-mart (of course) had one that was guaranteed to work with any car! I discovered that "any car" doesn't actually include my car. So I wound up borrowing dad's truck today to get my bike (and me) to Tipp City where folks were meeting.

There were 9 of us in the party, and I wasn't the only newbie. The other newbie was another retired friend who borrowed a bike from one of the regular riders (who subsequently borrowed a spare bike from her uncle-in-law, also on the road trip with us). We rode the bike trail from Tipp to Troy and then back again with a few short stops and one, alas, accident. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured (though the other newbie was one of the victims - she was able to complete the ride with us with no issues, and her borrowed bike was just fine) and we completed the 16 mile round trip in good health & spirits.

I loved the ride. Sure, my butt's not quite used to the seat yet, but every time I hopped back onto my bike, I realized how much I loved riding it. So yay Cannondale Adventure 4!

As a reward for the trip, we ate at Sam & Ethel's Restaurant (not Sam & Ella's, thankfully) where I had second breakfast.

PS: GIP - new "riding" icon! (Also, thinking of another one, too.)
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