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Well, I think I'm nearly there with regards to my Ubuntu 12.04 install. 3 years ago, I first built this PC and stuck Ubuntu 9.04 on (along with Win7 RC). I haven't regretted the switch to Ubuntu, but getting it "Just So" has reminded me of much of the hassles I had the first time around.

If you're curious on whether I was able to save the data on my 640GB HDD or not - well, I wasn't. I wound up using GParted to set it as an NTFS drive, but this wiped the data. No matter, I reformatted the drive, named it the same as my original data partition (TrinaStuff, of course), and copied the data over from my backup. (Yay for backups! I really need to get that setup with this new system!) So all is well in that regard.

I think I finally have the look the way I want it (enough purple to satisfy, but not overwhelmingly so). I'm using Gnome 3 shell since I just didn't care for Unity. (I use an older Unity on my netbook and it's ideal for that.) I had to add minimize and maximize buttons next to the close buttons (and switch them to the right side). I added my little weather extension so it sits next to my date & time. I re-enabled the startup sound (which is off by default in 12.04) cuz I need those drums, man! Got the NTFS filesystem (where my data is saved on the 640GB drive) so that I can delete to the trash can. Is there any way to tweak a new system without using Google? Heh.

A few things I've not been able to do yet. I can't seem to get a verbose boot to work. I wanna see stuff that goes on. That's why Linux is better than Winders, man! Nothing hidden! ;-) I can't find a way to sync my (old Windows Mobile 5) phone to Evolution. Synce, the program I used to use, hasn't matured with the OS. So now I'm contemplating an Android phone (Galaxy S3, perhaps?) I've got GMail set up with my current calendar & contacts just ready to go for the upgrade. As mentioned before, I haven't set up backups yet, though I've installed LuckyBackup, the program I used before. So almost done!

Here is a snapshot of the current look, with a few windows open to see the overall look. (Wallpaper from the BBC's website.)

Screenshot from Ubuntu 12.04
Tags: computer, open source
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