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31 Days - 31 Books (day 22): Done with grading edition

Woohoo! I am FINALLY caught up with grading! OK, so students were taking the final exam today and I'll need to grade it tomorrow, but the lab reports are GRADED! Woo! I've probably been behind for 8 of our last 9 weeks on this. Procrastination's bad, m'kay?

Day22 - Book on your shelf with the most pages

Hmmmm, one of my many science textbooks, or Ronnie Barker's tome? Let's go into my library and see!

*time passes*

Ah! While I was walking into my library, I thought "No! It'll be The Merck Index." And I was right. 1606 pages BEFORE it gets to the specially numbered appendix (at least one of those sections was 300+ pages). I suspect it even beats my CRC Handbook of Chemistry & Physics (which has sections that start over in number, and I had no desire to add up a bunch of numbers. Besides, the Merck has much thinner pages and is slightly wider than the CRC.)

For comparison, All I Ever Wrote by Ronnie Barker was 736 pages. But turns out it wasn't even my most paginated non-reference book. I thought "oooh, bet one of the Harry Potter's has it beat!" and indeed, Order of the Phoenix is about 30 pages more. But then I looked at Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (still not read) and it's over 800 pages. Thankfully, my George RR Martin books are eBooks.

(OK, is it obvious that I'm a nerd? I mean, I have a Merck (20th birthday present - I've now owned it over half of my life) & a CRC (gift from the Dow Corporation after my freshman year of chemistry - so it's even older!) and I love talking about page numbers...)

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