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Dash & Dine

I'd never been "wined and dined" before, but after today, I can say I have been - sans the wine... Holt, Rinehart, and Winston are a textbook company and they had what they called a "Dash and Dine" gathering at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn. They promised gift certificates for supper as well as snacks at the meeting, so I told the biology teacher "hey, let's go!" So a few weeks ago, I made reservations for us, and today we headed out after school.

Now, before I continue with the wining and dining bit, I should talk a little about the morning... And maybe of the evening before. Then you could see just how nice of a day that I had today...

Last night around 10pm, just as I was stepping out of the tub, the phone rang. I rarely get calls, especially calls after 10, so I figured it was a phone call regarding the school levy. Sure enough, it was Mary Jo telling me that the levy FINALLY passed. It failed the first time at 20:80, the second time at 30:70, the THIRD time at 40:60, so I wasn't sure that this one would pass. Monetarily things are getting SO bad at school that they finally had to discuss getting rid of extracurriculars. So the kids stepped up and worked their butts off to get the levy passed. It's a shame they had to even be bothered with it, but they did a fabulous job. Many excellent letters to the editors of local papers were written and the kids organized a levy rally for last Sunday that was a real success. So the levy passed yesterday at 59:41. YAY!

As you might guess, things at school today were very upbeat. The staff feels as though a weight has been lifted, the kids can look forward to doing their favorite activities next year, and we'll only be in the hole a bit. ;-) Yesterday, the NTA (teachers union) organized a gathering for after school today which they'd hoped was going to be celebratory - and it was. So I went down for some snacks, had some Sprite, and chatted with some of my coworkers.

At 3:15, Margie (the bio teacher) and I headed doon sooth to Fairborn for the Dash & Dine session. Registration was supposedly from 3:15-4:00pm with the session beginning after that. I figured I could get us there before 4, and I did. Mere minutes before. :-) It turns out only 10 people had called to confirm, but only 6 of us showed. We tucked into the snacks there - some crab rangoon, veggies, cheese & crackers, more Sprite and some things I didn't have.

In the presentation room, we sat in the front row and investigated our bag o' goodies. Nice canvass bag, book on dazzling demos and another on edible experiments, and a book of sci fi short stories. Pen and pencil and pad of paper, too. They had a science guy there who did some short little demos that were pretty cool (though some of his explanations left a little to be desired) and I won 3 candy bars during the candy bar quiz. (Snickers, Crunch, and Baby Ruth). And me on a diet... ;-)

At the end of the session, we perused their textbook samples and Margie requested a couple. I only recently got new books which I'm rather happy with (both from Addison-Wesley - sorry Holt!) so I didn't request any. Then they presented us with $20 gift certificates to restaurants that were local to the hotel. We each nabbed one for Olive Garden and I drove us there for supper. Yum!

We both ate about half of our meals and she's giving her second half to her hubby for his supper tonight. Mine will be tomorrow's supper. Woohoo! Then she gave me her gift card (with about $3 left) and with my gift card (ditto) I can have a nice discount on my next Olive Garden meal. (Margie also gave me a $25 gift card for Best Buy that she's never been able to use - heck, I'll be more than happy to spend her money - woohoo!)

So today has been a very nice day. Thank you Holt, Rinehart, and Winston for helping us celebrate the passing of our school levy!
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