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31 Days - 31 Books (day 3)

Day3 - Your favourite Book

Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl. Considering the number of series books that I read, I could also give you favs from the series. In Doctor Who books, The Left-handed Hummingbird by Kate Orman. In Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Wyrd Sisters (with Night Watch being my favorite of the City Watch stories and Interesting Times being my favorite Rincewind story). It's a lot harder to pick a favorite in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, but I think I'll go with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Every time I read it, I get so excited about Harry's new world.

So I'm pretty OK about finding a favorite book, but trying to get me to rank much beyond that, I'm not so good at. I love an awful lot of books!

The rest of the 31 days:

Day1 - Book you are reading right now
Day2 - The book you want to read next
Day4 - Book you hate
Day5 - A Book you can read again and again
Day6 - A book you can only read once (no matter you love or hate it)
Day7 - Book that reminds you of someone
Day8 - Book that reminds you on a certain place
Day9 - The first book you ever read
Day10 - Book from your favourite author
Day11 - Book you once loved and now hate
Day12 - Book that a friend recommended
Day13 - Book that makes you laugh
Day14 - Book from your childhood
Day15 - 4. book from the left on your shelf
Day16 - 9. book from the right on your shelf
Day17 - Close your eyes and get any book from your shelf
Day18 - Book with the most beautiful cover
Day19 - Book, that you ever wanted to read
Day20 - Book that you read at school
Day21 - most stupid book you read at school
Day22 - Book on your shelf with the most pages
Day23 - Book on your shelf with the least pages
Day24 - Book where nobody would expect you read/loved it
Day25 - A book where the main character is almost like you
Day26 - Book you would read to your children
Day27 - A book where the main character is your idol
Day28 - Thanks God this book was made into a movie
Day29 - Darn, why did they make this book into a movie?
Day30 - First erotic book you ever read
Day31 - Book series you are collecting
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