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April Showers

Here it is, the last day of April, and we're getting rain! We didn't really get a lot of rain in April, so I hope that doesn't mean bad news for our local farmers. However, it did mean we had many fine weather days during the month, which I really appreciated.

Saturday, however, was an exception. Saturday was our annual Garage Sale Day in town. So of course, the temperature was chilly (barely got to 50F), the rain was near constant, there was sleet or hail or some form of ice balls falling from the sky. Glad I didn't have a garage sale.

But the good news about Garage Sale in town is Bowman's Texas Tenderloins. They always park their vending trailer at the main intersection in town for the garage sale and (probably) make a killing. So I invited the folks around for lunch. We all got Texas Tenderloins and fries (mom and I stood in the rain waiting - it was just a fine drizzle at the time), and then returned to my place to eat.

Wanting to show off my new Blu-Ray of The Sound of Music (the 45th anniversary release), I put it on. I figured we'd watch the starting bit, and then stop the flick. But no, we watched the whole thing. Ah, such a fine movie. That made the third time I've now seen the movie in a month. (Watched the flick, watched with commentary, watched with the folks.) I've still not watched all of the extras from the set - will probably put that disc back in later in the week.

School is zipping by. Only 11 days more or so for seniors. Wow. I have the schedule up on the board for chemistry's exams - 4th quarter exam (I write), lab exam (IU writes), final exam (IU writes - or rather, buys from the American Chemical Society or something). A lot of testing at the end, but I'm just impressed that I've hit all of the material before the year is out.

Hope y'all have been having a lovely spring (or fall if you're below the equator)!
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