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"It's not a toomah!"

I tweeted this earlier in the week, but just hadn't gotten around to sending word along via LJ until now.

After nodules were discovered in my breasts, I had the consultation with the surgeon who later recommended two biopsies - an ultrasound guided biopsy on my right "axillary" area near my arm pit and a stereo biopsy (or somesuch) on my right breast. That took place the Friday of Spring Break.

Mum was great - she took me to the breast center and waited for the procedure to end. Then she took me home. Yay mom! (I treated the folks to brunch and lupper that day in my gratitude.)

I received the call on Tuesday that both biopsies were benign. Took me a second to register that was good news because in my family, we like to pronounce it "b'niggen." Heh. Turns out I'm just lumpy like my grandfather was!

So I am quite relieved. I know you're not supposed to worry until you know for sure (and even then, what's the point of worrying), but that doesn't stop you from doing so! Here's hoping I stay b'niggen for years to come!
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