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Spring Break cont.

Yesterday I left Chicago bright & early after making my farewells to judiang and elsaf. *sniff* The night before had been an adventurous one, however.

After writing my last post, I took a walk around Museum Campus, walking around Shedd's Aquarium in the course of it. It was a chilly day, but sunny and pleasant.

We had my chili for lunch, along with some multigrain bread and some fresh pears. The girls liked my chili, which made me happy. And Judi got some leftovers, too. (I think we left her with a nice assortment of foodstuff.)

The rest of the evening was one of discovery. That is, discovering what lurked in some boxes that Judi still hadn't unpacked from her move of *mumble* *mumble* ago. For the most part, the stuff that we uncovered was trash (well, not literally garbage, just stuff she has no use for), but there was some treasure as well. Including the three books that I loaned Judi to read before her move. If she's interested in reading them in the future, she'll need to borrow them from the library cuz they are now home with me. :-)

In the middle of my treasure hunt, we headed off to supper at a new local sport's bar which is a short walk from Judi's place. The Scout had some pretty good food. I had a spare rib sandwich with au jus and fried tator tots. Yum! Also had an Original Sin hard cider, which was pretty nice. The place was loud like most sports bars, but other than that, a nice time out with friends.

After our treasure hunt was over and I'd cleaned up the mess I had made of Judi's closet, we finished with pineapple upside-down cake ala mode. Just as good the second day! Bed, then up early the next day for my flight out, which was uneventful.

Breakfast at the airport (Egg McMuffin, McHashbrown, McApple Juice), Auntie Anne's pretzel at the Columbus airport, followed by my long drive home. The weather was gorgeous. The kitties ignored me at first, but now they are my good & dear friends (both curled up on my lap & asleep right now). Lazy day yesterday, lazy day today. I like spring break!

Thanks Elsa & Judi for the fun weekend/start!
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