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Dreams, Pictures, Battles, & Such - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Dreams, Pictures, Battles, & Such
So, this is gonna be a very disjointed post. What's new, you ask? Heh. (Well, new icon - ish... Back when I designed my Valentine's Day icon, I designed this one. But I decided to wait until March to display it.)

From time to time, I have dreams which are rather convoluted stories, and last night was one of those. It was about a 16 year old black girl named Francis who runs away from home (from her father and younger sister) because she knows there's more to the world that she's getting. She winds up homeless and afraid, but ends up befriending a nice, older homeless man. The man eventually confronts the girl's father about his lack of concern for her (for he's done nothing to find the girl while she's been away) and also gives the younger sister a message from Francis about how much her sister misses her, etc etc.

Now, what good is a dream if there aren't some unfathomables... Firstly, the role of the father was played by Sylvester McCoy. He also briefly appeared as the homeless man, only for that role to be recast with Eric Idle when it came time for the confrontation between father and other man. The house that Francis was from was my Grandma Anderson's house (which I've not been in since the auction several years ago). The younger sister had a plastic toy boa constrictor around her neck, I remember, that looked sort of like - dunno, was it Ollie of Kukla, Fran, and Ollie? The snake-looking thingy, whatever it was. There was also a discussion about the possibility of Francis being lesbian and/or transgendered during the argument, but I'm not entirely sure now what that was about. Ah, but I love my dreams...

Perhaps one reason why I dreamt about a Sylvester McCoy character was my latest task - I'm going through my photo collection of Sylvester McCoy pictures and putting them on cardboard backing and slipping them into plastic protective sheets. Transparent Photo Corners are my friend! But I'm sure I'll run out of them before I finish with all of my pictures. There's only enough of them for just over 60 photos. ;-)

I am obsessed with photos and have been for many years. Oddly enough, I blame this on Helen Hayes. I shall explain...

Many, many years ago, I saw a photo of Helen Hayes in a Reader's Digress or some-such magazine that was simply delightful. She was one of the actors whom I admired, so I cut the picture out of the magazine. And thus began my photo collection. Anyone who visits me can still see said photo of Helen - it's nearly dead center in my collage that hangs in my den. Tasha Yar is on one side of her, Mark Strickson on t'other. Above is the cast of Avon's 7 and below is Sidney Poitier from To Sir With Love. Doc7 & Ace, Carol Burnett, Eric Idle (as Passapartou), Columbo, and many others are also present in the collage. Monkees, Beatles, cast of M*A*S*H and more.

Eventually, the magazine photos graduated upwards to actual 8x10" photos and similar. Thanks to Whomobilia and Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, I got many photos of my favorite actors: Ron Moody, Julie Andrews, Eric Idle, and that new (at the time) upstart, Sylvester McCoy. Now I've got 2 full 1 1/2" binders full of Sylvester McCoy photos and a few other binders of other photos. Gah!

But I do love it, or I wouldn't collect them. Thankfully, I stopped my movie poster collecting - I just don't have enough wall space to hold the ones that I have! When I finally get a finished basement, I'll decorate the walls with my movie posters properly framed and all that jazz.

Now, after yesterday's post about Kings of Chaos, you might have thought that I'd never visit the place myself or do anything with it. Actually, I spent all of yesterday morning and afternoon attacking the weak and defenseless and stealing their gold. It was great fun and now I know why George W Bush loves doing it. (Ouch! I'm going to hell for that one!) Anyhoo, I managed to first bolster my offenses and gain more illgotten booty, then I bolstered my defenses to protect future illgotten booty. (Not enough, apparently, as 21,000 gold pieces were stolen from me today while I was at work.) Ah, it's all in fun, really. If you'd like to help the cause and give me more elves, click here. And thanks!

Phew, that was a long post! Even without the LJ cuts. And heck, I'll leave you all with one more cut. One of the photos that I cardboarded today I was just simply amazed at the quality of the photo. So I have a scan of it, which, alas, doesn't do it justice, but I'll share it here for now.

Doc7, Mel, Vincent.

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