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One Wedding and No Funerals (Part 1)

I'm pretty zonked right now - let's face it, the girls wore me out this (long) weekend. :-) But I suspect that "A Good Time Was Had By All."

Amy & Rachel arrived on Thursday night, and the plane was a little early. Yay - more time with the girls! We took 'em home and sat around mom & dad's kitchen for a little bit, before all heading off to bed.

Friday was a nice day, starting off with donuts and then Egg McMikey sandwiches (second breakfast?) Then it was off on a Grand Adventure. Our main task was buying a wedding gift for my cousin and her beau. This we accomplished at Kohl's, though we had to order it to be sent along to the kids since the store didn't have the color that Deanna requested. We then headed off to Greenville to the KitchenAid store for a wrappable accessory and some more shopping opportunities. We had a light lunch (and pie) at a coffee shop in the downtown there.

Friday evening was grilled steak and card games. Mom and I taught A&R how to play Crazy Rummy. We played it (and Rumikub) several times over the visit. We went to bed late but got up at a reasonable time on Saturday.

The morning priority for Saturday was to come back to my town for Pancake Day. One of the local churches serves all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs on the first Saturday of the month. Tasty and only $5. I treated the family (dad was shocked) to breakfast, then we hung out a bit at my place, before returning to Troy. Lunch was salad.

Too tired to keep this up, so I shall continue it (perhaps tomorrow) with some details of Deanna's wonderful wedding and reception. Who knew you could have that much fun at a wedding? ;-)
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