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Kings of Chaos

So I knew nothing about Kings of Chaos when Judi had me "click" for her. So I clicked and then accidentally ended up with my own army under her army. This is an interesting online game thingy where people raise armies by having other (very generous) people click on a number grid with some random number (to prevent bots or something, I guess). The trick is to not then sign up to have your own army...

So I have an army of Elves under judiang's command. And Judi's under drake57 and along side abates. And Drake is under paygem's command. So we all ask that you click on our armies. URLs? Well, perhaps the easiest thing to do is direct you to my journal (if you're not already here) and look at the links. I've made a link for each of our armies to click upon. Anyone can click and for every click, I get another Elf. Fun fun! (Or rather, it's supposed to be. It's all rather new to me.)
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