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The Waiting Game

So after last week's discovery of nodules in me boobs, I was waiting to hear from the referral place that my doctor had contacted. Still hadn't heard from them as of today, so I called my doc's office to see what had occurred. Well, a fax was sent along on the 22nd, but they didn't know beyond that. So the nurse scurried around looking for the phone number of the referral place.

I called the referred doc's office and talked with a nice receptionist there. She checked and discovered that, although they had been informed they'd be getting a referral, the fax never arrived. Ah, technology! So she suggested I make an appointment with the surgeon for the consultation and they'd see about getting the information from my doc's office. So I've done just that - it'll be after the girls return to Minnesota.

And that's the exciting bit - Amy and Rachel should be arriving Thursday night! I've got Friday scheduled with a sub (my first grade teacher will be my sub) so I can spend all day with the family. Then Deanna's wedding on Saturday. Should be fun times for all! :-)
Tags: amy & rachel, nodules
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