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Happy St Valentine's Day!

Hope that folks had a good day today, regardless of your coupling status. I'm happily single (for the most part) and am OK with the holiday (for the most part) - provided I don't go out to eat by myself at a place that's having a live musician performing to his wife... (That was back before I took books with me. The ultimate put down was the waitress asking me if I wanted a newspaper...)

Anyhoo, our winter this year has been distressingly snow-lite. I hope it's not because it's saving it all up for March. Especially not the first week of March, when Amy and Rachel will be in town. (It's their Christmas visit in March, in order to see us and to get to my cousin's wedding.)

Currently, I'm in my library, with Linus on my lap and Lucy sitting behind my head on the seat back. I love evenings like this, listening to my sleepytime music, vegging on the laptop (or working on a chemistry class that I'm taking online) or reading a book. I'd put my "Books. Cats. Life is Sweet" icon on, except it's Valentine's day and thus time for my Sylv Heart. Heh.

Hope your first half of February has been a good 'un, and that the next half is even better!
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