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Merry New Year! Beef Jerky Time!

Happy New Year! Hope y'all have a great start to 2012 (and also a great finish, but that's almost a year from now).

I turned 41 just a bit ago, too. And so far, it doesn't seem any different to the last several turnings. Not sure what the fuss is about. :-)

So, thanks mom, for putting up with my delivery from 5am on the 31st until 16 minutes after midnight on the 1st. Apparently it only cost them $350 with 6 days in the hospital. Cheap at twice the price, the parental units say. :-) (And although they missed out on a $750 deduction, the prizes they got for my being born 1st on the day totaled over $1200, dad figures. And that's 1971 money!)
Tags: birthday, dad, mom
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