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Leo Pix and Friday Ramblings

Firstly, for anyone who wants to get Wiggy With It Davison Style, I have an LJ icon for you. Alas, The Tomorrow People font that I have doesn't scale down well. But he's definitely wiggy!

Davison Getting Wiggy With It

Now, onto the cat... My cat is wonderful - the bestest cat in the world. (Hush other cat lovers! Let me live in my own little world here...) He often joins me in bed at night and last night he found a new place on the bed to sleep. He decided that my pillow was more to his style than the nice empty pillow (which is where my 33 year old teddy bear, Teeny Tiny Teddy, sleeps) next to it. I woke up at 5am with a neck cramp and realized that my head was only on 3" or so of my own pillow - and the back of my head was resting against my cat. That was nice of him to share a smidgen of my own pillow with me. :-)

Tonight while I was playing around on the computer, Leo decided to play in the trashcan. Luckily, my camera was just next to me, so proud mama got some pictures of the ornery little thing.

Leo in the trash looking out.
Leo in the trash, looking out.

Trashcan kitty looking to the side.
Trashcan kitty looking to the side.

In other Friday news, 'twas a good day. I managed to be a rebellious little sh*t by first sticking my tongue out at my former superintendent (well, he was picking on me!) Then this evening at BW3's I flipped off my former Industrial Arts teacher (now the school guidance counselor) who was also picking on me. :-) I do have a lot of fun with my coworkers - I'm very lucky there! Now if only our levy will pass on Tuesday so that we can still be a fun and happy lot! *cross fingers*
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