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Seven Christmas Songs I Love (Plus 2) - Part 5

Alas, YouTube has let me down again. I have found a version of the song I'm going to talk about tonight, but it's not the version that I love. But it'll give you a picture of what I love.

I love music in many forms, but there's a special love for a capella music. Singing in tune with no accompaniment is an art form in itself. And when it is done well, it's almost magical. And that's what I think of today's Christmas Song that I Love.

When my family finally got a CD player, I helped make the transition from vinyl to shiny by buying loads of CDs from BMG (a CD of the Month club). And when Christmas time came around, I ordered all sorts of Christmas albums, including Take 6's He Is Christmas. Their a capella rendition of "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" was worth the price of the album, and then some. (Didn't know it at the time, so I suspect the CD was on sale. Heh.)

This video is pretty good, but the album version is even better. And I love the overall arrangement of the piece. Simply beautiful.
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