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Seven Christmas Songs I Love (Plus 2) - Part 2

I suspect that many other Christmas music lovers have a particular singer or group that they identify with their childhood more than others. I suspect that for judiang that it is Johnny Mathis. For me, it's Julie Andrews.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun, just like Julie Andrews. Heh. The fact that I wasn't Catholic and Julie wasn't a nun weren't important then. Still, her Christmas albums are some of the most listened ones in my collection (next to Sesame Street and the Chipmunks, I suspect).

Trying to pick out one of Julie's pieces to represent what I love about her renditions wasn't easy. But I decided upon "Pat-a-Pan," which is another Christmas Song that I Love. It was one of the first that I learned to play on the piano, as well. (But not, alas, on a fife or drum.)

Julie's version is my favorite "Pat-a-Pan," but I must admit that David Archuleta gives her a good run for her money. Julie's also the singer of my definitive "I Wonder as I Wander."

(And I am sitting here amused by my eclectic tastes - King's College Choir singing "Away in a Manger" followed by The Chipmunks "The Chipmunk Song.")
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