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Come back, November! All is forgiven!

I have decided that November is the shortest month of the year. I know that February has more fewer days, but it takes FOREVER to get through. And November is over nearly as soon as it began. Quite remarkable.

Was noting with my students today that any countdowns going on in the HS are "Days until Christmas Break" where any countdowns going on in the Elementary are "Days until Christmas!" Yup, Santa's more important that vacation to the little ones. But to the high schoolers (and teachers) it's all about the break. ;-)

Speaking of the break - We've got 11 more school days until 2012. Wow... And 3 of those days are exam days. I'm very pleased with the extended break, but, alas, Amy and Rachel won't be getting in until my break is nearly done - the 29th. And they go back after I return to work. It'll be great to see 'em again. I've only seen Amy once since last Christmas and haven't seen Rachel SINCE last Christmas. Too long between sisterly visits!

Originally we were scheduled to return to school on the 2nd of January, which made me sad because my birthday parade will be on the 2nd since the 1st is Sunday. But because Jan 2nd is a federal holiday, the school board decided to make that a day off as well. Make up day being the Tuesday after Memorial day. I can live with that!

ETA: Thanks scalderwood for the correction. Whoops!
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