Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
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Gettin' Wiggy With It!

OK, so trinalin's in a silly mood tonight. Actually, I got the idea last night when I made my "Gettin' Wiggy With It!" LJ icon, but I decided to go through with it tonight.

Here's my idea - most of my friends have favorite actors/actresses/obsessions and I'm sure many of said objects d'art have worn wigs in at least one of their roles (well, I can't think of any for Peter Davison yet, but I'm working on it - ah! elsaf's just reminded me - Elmer in The Tomorrow People). I've made a McGann as Doc8 icon for judiang and she's promised to post a GIP tonight.

So, get out your favorite photo of your obsession in a wig and make an icon with it and you'll be "Gettin' Wiggy With It!" too!
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