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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween this year. Our county actually decided to let Beggar's Night be on Halloween (not a regular occurrence, alas), so tonight I had kiddies a'visitin'.

Normally, I get around 40 kids. The most I've had in recent years was 49 in 2007 (and then 25 in 2008). So last month when was selling glow-sticks one day, I decided to get those for giving out. I got 72 glow-sticks for under $13 including shipping. A deal, I thought. And when they arrived, they were actually pretty decent glow-sticks. (1 used, 71 to go!)

So I wasn't too worried about running out tonight, seeing as the most kids I'd ever had was 49. But I think someone was busing them in this year. Beggar's Night starts at 6pm. By 7pm I was giving away the one around my neck. And I had to turn one girl away without one - I felt so bad. (And of course, it was then that the senior girls who had promised they'd be there early arrived - sorry girls!)

71 kids (well, 72 + the senior girls) in an hour. Sheesh! If does this deal again next year, I'll call mom and have her order the max as well, then I'll have a gross of glow-sticks to hand out.

So anyhoo, I've got the porch light off and most of the house lights off. I figure I can come out of hiding at 8pm when Beggar's Night is over. Hope there's not too much toilet paper on the house in the morning!!!
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