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Ah... I no longer have the feeling that I'm drowning. The first quarter ended last Friday, and today was the confirmation of grades. And I got it done. Phew!

I'd say that this first quarter was probably the toughest I've had since my first year of teaching. Not due to kids or discipline - loving the students this year (as usual) - but because of the new dual enrollment chemistry course. It's been interesting and I hope I'm doing my students a good service in my instruction. Next Friday is our fall meeting to see how things are going and I'll definitely have questions to ask. :-)

But other than the avalanche of work that I've been doing of late, it's been a fun (and fast) school year. Tomorrow is Halloween dress up day, and Friday is a day off for kids and a work day for us. Thankfully I'll have the time to work on my chemistry class and my storage room then. So looking forward to Friday for that reason.

Anywho, as I was walking home today, I was almost giddy. With the weight of Quarter 1 off my shoulder, and the lovely (but cloudy) autumn day, I felt as positive today as I'd felt in ages. It was good. :-)
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