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Actually had a weekend without any festivals. Kind of sad, but also good. The folks and I took the opportunity to do a Trader Joe's run yesterday to get our usual assortment of chocolate and nuts and (for the folks) wine. Then last evening we went to a party at the Fisher's. They had steaks and shrimp on the grill and we stuffed ourselves and enjoyed the company outside in the wonderful autumn evening.

Today I tried to be productive and was mostly successful. I got up late, but still finished laundry, did a bit more grocery shopping, baked a loaf of white bread (I think this is better than the prior batch, but still not quite what I'm looking for), and made some chicken and rice soup. I used brown rice in the soup, and I think that was ideal. It still has a bit of bite to it, despite the simmering time.

Things that I wanted to do but didn't get around to include vacuuming floors and mopping the kitchen. And the poor kitties are on "old" food cuz I ordered their real food too late. It'll probably show up tomorrow. Bad mommy!

Finally have the opportunity to sit & relax & read. But first I thought I'd post this entry. Lucy's sitting beside me on the arm of the comfy chair. Since it's gotten a bit chilly at night, she's back to being my extra blanket at night. I like her using me as a full body pillow. :-)

This week is the last week of the first quarter at school. Man, the year has flown by. I think I might be getting a better handle on the new chemistry course, but time will tell.

OK, back to relaxing. Ahhhhh.
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