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The Trees are Purty

Lovely autumn weekend! Perfect weather. Friday was Fall Fair at school, which was fun, as usual. The class challenge, as usual, was hilarious. Yesterday, the folks and I went to Lost Creek for the Antique & Garden Show and for the FallFarmFest. Today was a trip to the Fairborn area for Doctor Who Magazines and Indian Fud.

But the highlight of the weekend was tonight at the Lake. The folks had a couple of friends from their "village" over and I was invited too. Dad grilled brats and veggies and mom made kraut. And dad had made his world famous (well, maybe not WORLD famous) slaw. So cabbage for all! Dessert was peach pie ala mode. Yum!

Autumn at the Lake
Autumn at the Lake

Sunset at the Lake
Sunset at the Lake
Tags: dad, festivals, food, lake, mom
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