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Oktoberfest 2011

Happy October everyone! I was checking on last year's posts for something and noticed that I only posted twice last October. I hope I'm not so lax this year!

The original plan for the weekend was Oktoberfest on Saturday after mom got off from work. So I decided that Sunday would be cook chilli and bake bread day. Dad came over Saturday morning for breakfast with me at the local UCC that has an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast on the first Saturday of the month. We had a nice breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and eggs, chatted with lots of folks, then walked back, stopping in to talk to Jack at the bike shop.

Dad returned home, and I did some odds & ends at home, waiting for mom to get off work. But she called later and said it was too cold and rainy, we should go Sunday. I agreed, but later realized that sort of screwed up my chilli and bread plans. And laundry. So I decided to get onto that as early as I could Sunday.

So today, I got up at a sort of reasonable hour (but not as early as I should have). I started laundry, made myself a nice poached egg on toast breakfast (using my flaxseed bread for toast), and headed off to Troy for a few things. First I needed to pick up my new glasses. Got there half an hour early, but needed some stuff so I shopped a bit (my eye doc is at Walmart - heh).

Next to Lowe's for an air filter for my central air, then Meijer for fruit and chilli supplies. Then back home for cooking, laundry, and baking. The goal was to be done with it all by 3, but it wound up being 4 before I was done. The bread didn't rise as nice as last week's - dunno if it's because of the recipe or because it was cooler in my kitchen this weekend. Smells good - will get to eat some tomorrow.

The folks picked me up at 4 and we headed off to Minster for Oktoberfest. We're usually there for lunch, and on Saturday. So Sunday afternoon was a bit more crowded than we were used to. Mom zipped us through the crafts pretty swiftly. None of us saw anything we had to have, so then it was on to the food booths.

After looking at all the options, I settled on my usual. Fries and lemon shake-up from one vendor (shared with the folks), and brat mit kraut from another. And the mini-donuts for dessert. Mom picked the elephant ear for dessert. So we shared desserts too. Yum!

It turned out we were only there for little over an hour. But it was a fun time. And I bought Yet Another Oktoberfest Mug to go with the others I've collected. Each year, Minster sells a glass mug with a new Oktoberfest logo. The price for the longest time was $8, but it was $9 this year. (Might have raised last year, but I didn't note it in last year's entry. Alas.)

Next weekend is more stuff - Fall Fair and the Lost Creek antique show. And this week is supposed to have great weather. Here's hoping I take advantage of it and get lots of walks in.
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