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Autumn Comes Early

Still a couple of days until we're really into Autumn, but with out recent cool & pleasant days along with the autumn festivals, it feels like we're into my favorite season already. Yay!

Last weekend didn't have much in the way of festivals, but the folks joined me on Sunday for BBQ chicken from the local fire house (their bi-annual fundraiser) and a Netflix stream of Tangled. We enjoyed the food and the movie.

Also last weekend was my first attempt at beer bread that wasn't from a kit. Turns out beer bread is a pretty simple recipe. Since I had 3 cans of Guinness left from my Guinness brownies, I found a Guinness beer bread recipe and tried it. Pretty tasty, albeit a bit bitter. Really good lightly toasted with butter on.

Yesterday, after work, I joined the folks for an outing to the Lake Festival. At Lake Loramie (where my folks cottage is) they have an annual Antique Power Show and Lake Festival. There's a group there that sells HUGE pots of mums for $5, so mum gets her mums from there. I decided to buy a pot this year too, so I'll have some lovely white mums on my porch if I don't kill the plant first!

We ate brats with kraut for supper there, shared a corn dog, had corn on the cob (still sweet!), and then I decided to try the deep fried Twinkie one group was offering. Wow, who knew that deep frying even makes Twinkies taste good?!

I spent the night with the folks, and this morning (late this morning) we did the Farmer's Market runs as usual. I bought a red pepper at one (should have gotten my sweet onion from there too) and some Houtz cheese (a hard goat cheese) from the other. I put the cheese in the cooler we brought along just in case they had the cheese this time, and then we went to Taste of Troy.

Several restaurants and businesses had tents at Taste of Troy this year. Rather than being spread out throughout the square, they just had it at Proudy Plaza (where the concerts were held this summer) in order for traffic to still go through the square. I managed to spend $20 worth of tickets on lots of different food things. All pretty tasty. Even have a caramel apple and a piece of peach pie for later.

After we returned, I helped mom move her "new" chair to her bonus room above the garage. Then I headed off to my "shopping chores" before home. In an hour and a half or so, I'm off to Aunt Becky's for a night of card playing. Don't need supper, will likely just eat snacks at Becky's. (I bought Munchies, cuz I'm evil.)

Tomorrow is Rest Up and Do Laundry Day. At work, I'd just like to know what it feels like to be "caught up" again. :-) But the weekends are great for having time to enjoy myself. Especially with our wonderful autumn weather!
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