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It was elsaf who started the tradition of the GDP (Gratuitous Diet Post) and I'm going to follow in her footsteps today. But don't worry, after today's ecstatic post, I'll send most of my GDP's to Elsa's new LJ community monday_gdp. If you're working on a diet (or as I'm doing, working on a project since diets never work) you should check it out. It's a wonderful place for swapping recipes and getting support from friends.

So why my ecstasy? At Curves they measure your progress every month. Bust, waist, hips, thighs, arms, etc. And they measure your fat content and weight as well. Well, it's been a month since I joined curves, so today was Measurement Day. And it turns out that I had a great starting month. My total loss in inches was 10.75" and I lost 7 lbs in that time. Even better, my fat content and BMI both went down too. (I lost 3.88 body fat pounds). Woohoo! And to celebrate, my mother gave me a half cup of lowfat ice cream to have as my dessert tonight. (Which was great with [Elsa, close your eyes!] a dollop of fat free whipped cream on top.)

In addition to my GDP, I've decided to show off one of my new icons. Yes, it's silly. But that's what I like! :-)

(post partially crossposted to monday_gdp. )
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