Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Hello, I'm drinking a beer!

People may be surprised to learn that today I had a BEER with my lunch! OK, so I only got a 12oz (since they didn't have half-pints), but it was a real beer, not a malted beverage (Mike's Hard Lemonade) or hard cider.

Kate, our instructor, wanted to have at least one field trip where we got to see one of the local industries at work. Her original plan to get us into one of the pharma companies fell through despite her starting on it over a month ago. So she came up with a tour of Upland Brewing Co. which is located in Bloomington.

So after our morning lesson (where one of the chemistry librarians showed us around the online chem library - excellent resource!), we headed off to Upland for lunch and then our tour. Kate drove those of us staying on campus, but everyone else drove themselves.

For lunch, I ordered the fish & chips and, after Kevin let me sample his beer, I also got a beer: Upland's Weizen. Although the taste itself wasn't all that, I liked the yeasty aftertaste. (I think I'm supposed to use "finish" instead of "aftertaste.")

Once again, Kate was overly generous and bought our lunches (she rocks, you know). And then we headed off to the brewery section to have our tour. Photography was allowed, so photograph I did! Visit my gallery for a detailed tour of Upland Brewing Co. Very educational and informative. And Kate even managed to relate it to stuff we'd been talking about in class. Great day!
Tags: college, photos
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