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Out with Bachelor Dad

While mom is off visiting Amy in MN, I got to spend quality time with dad this weekend. On Friday evening, I took him to the weekly BW3's gathering where we both had a nice evening. My coworkers are fun to hang out with. (And Tammy had many possible villas for us to look at for our summer 2005 trip to Italy - woohoo!)

Yesterday, I gave the fellow a break and worked on web stuff. Speaking of which, I finished the Gallifrey 2004 website I've been working on. Click here to visit it. If I misspelled anyone's name, let me know. I hope you enjoy the site!

Today I went with dad to the New Madison Unitarian Universalist church to listen to him preach on the parable of the broken jar (from the Gospel of Thomas, the sayings Gospel found in the 1940s). As parables are supposed to do, it made me think. And often when I'd think of a point, seconds later, dad would make that very point. Nice to see that we were in tune on this parable. (Now to try and figure out that assassin parable - that one is tough!)

We returned to our respective homes to have lunch and I worked more on the website (did I mention I was done? Oh, I did? Sorry!) Then at quarter til 2pm, we headed off to Wright State University to watch a production of the musical Nine. The production values were, as usual with WSU theatre, top notch, though they had some sound troubles here and there. The acting and singing was also superb. Alas, I can't speak all that highly for the musical itself. Oh, it's not as bad as Carousel, but it didn't resonate with me and the tunes weren't terribly catchy. But after the play, we went to Bob Evans for supper and had a pleasant meal.

I have fun when I hang out with Bachelor Dad. I hope Amy's having fun with Bachelorette Mom (as I'm sure she is).

*tapping foot*

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit my Gallifrey 2004 website!
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