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Happy 4th!

Hope folks who celebrate Independence Day today had a great day! Despite having to leave judiang and elsaf, I had a great day.

Elsa made us French toast today, which was very yummy. She even did fancy-dancy strawberry garnish & powdered sugar. (She made 'em with month-out-of-date milk, but I blame Judi for having month-out-of-date milk in her fridge in the first place! As the three of us aren't dead, I suspect there was nothing wrong with it after all. But Judi, don't forget to pitch the milk with the pink label!)

This morning was mostly just getting packed (and discovering stuff I forgot to pack) and reading and watching Harry Potter behind-the-scenes shorts from Judi's On Demand service. Rather relaxing. Then Elsa and I went to the Little Branch Cafe for lunch. I had an (overpriced) toasted cheese sandwich (with tomato), which was very tasty. Judi joined us briefly, before heading back to get ready for her party.

It was quickly time to part company, however. Elsa drove back to Michigan, Judi took a cab to the train station to get to her 4th of July BBQ, and I walked to the El to get to Midway. Things were smooth getting there and getting through security and I had time to read while awaiting my flight. It left on time, arrived on time, and I wound up sitting in the first row by a window, so I was third off the plane. 44th bag out of the baggage claim, but that's OK. I had my bag back. I even remembered, sort of, where I parked.

A short stop for Taco Bell on the drive back, and I returned home to discover someone shooting off nice fireworks at the edge of town. They were even visible from my backyard, so I spent some time watching them. They went on for at least 45 minutes (though with pauses between). Top quality fireworks - one step down from what the nearby towns use, I'd say.

The cats are glad I'm back, and I'm glad I'm back with my cats. Thanks, girls, for a great weekend! To friendship! And revenge!
Tags: chicago, elsa, fireworks, food, judi
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