Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

A toast to friends... and revenge!

Today was yet another fun-filled day with my girls, judiang and elsaf. And, as this trip has been, it was another food-filled day. We started at the (last day of the) Taste of Chicago, moved onto Spanish Tapas, and ended with Super 8.

My takings from the Taste:
  • Vegan Samosa from Arya Bhavan

  • Pralines and Cream (ice cream) from Lagniappe-Creole Cajun Joynt

  • Slice of Gluten-Free Pizza from Connie's Pizza

  • Italian Lemon Ice from Franco's Ristorante

  • Bourbon Chicken (in a wrap) from Oak Street Beach Cafe

  • Peach Cobbler from BJ's Market & Bakery

  • Crab Rangoon from the Noodle Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Churro (vanilla filled) from Churro Factory

All of the above were taste portions except the Churro. Elsa, alas, wasn't feeling hungry, so she gave us her tickets. Judi and I ate like queens. :-)

Once we returned to Judi's flat, I headed off to the pool to read. It was chillier than yesterday, but the water was warm still. Once Elsa & Judi joined me, I got in and enjoyed the warm water. Alas, the pool suffered a major child infestation, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

For supper, Elsa drove us to Tapas Valencia. We had quite a few plates.
  • Salmon Curado - cured salmon with dill sour cream

  • Alchofas con Crema - marinated artichokes with creamy white wine vinaigrette

  • Champinones - stuffed mushroom caps

  • Empanada de Buey - puff pastry filled with beef tenderloin

  • Pato Confitado - duck confit with mushrooms and apples

  • Patatas con Alioli - robust garlic potato salad

  • Gambas al Ajillo - grilled shrimp with garlic lemon butter

  • Crepe Rellena - crepe with goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts and apples

  • Mejillones con Guindillas - fresh black mussels sauteed with guindilla peppers served with a white wine sauce

We did it in three rounds, each picking an item during the round. And then we each picked a dessert. I wound up ordering what I think I ordered the last time Judi and I came here. Crema con Chocolate, which is basically creme brulee with chocolate. All of the food that I ate today was wonderful (except the mussels, but that's to be expected. I don't like mussels.)

After a short stop back at the flat, we headed off to see Super 8 at the Icon theater. This place is hoity-toity with VIP films with leather seats. We went to a regular flick, however, but still had reserved seats. Reserved seats! And an air hostess telling how to escape in case of fire and where the oxygen masks drop from. We ain't got theaters like that in Ohio.

When we got back, Judi, Patty (her Pomeranian) and I took a night time walk around the Field Museum. Patty really enjoyed herself. And so did Judi and I.

Alas, tomorrow, Elsa and I need to have to leave Chicago. I have kitties awaiting my return. But I believe we'll have a bit more yummy food before the day is over.
Tags: chicago, elsa, food, judi, movies
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