Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Taste of Chicago 2011

I'm back in the Big City again! I drove to Columbus and then flew on to Chicago, whereupon I took the Orange Line to get to judiang, who walked over to meet me. We dropped my bags off at her place then went to the Little Branch Cafe for lunch. I paid over $13 for a chicken sandwich, but the ciabatta bread it was on was almost worth the cost.

We returned to await elsaf and discovered that Judi had access to HBO on Demand and the Game of Thrones series. We only started the episode and then headed out to wait for Elsa to drive in. When Elsa joined us, we watched the episode (well, Judi disappeared halfway through). We later decided to have supper at the Taste.

The Taste of Chicago has become a shadow of its former self. But there were still quite a few things to choose from. I bought 2 strips of tickets which, for me, translated to 6 "taste" items.

  • Pulled Pork Mini Sandwich from The Smoke Daddy

  • Home Run Ball (Sweet & Spicy Nugget Bites) from Loving Hut (a vegan joint)

  • Cheese Empanada from Adobo Grill

  • Jibarito from Sabor Latino (steak sammich with corn pancakes as the bread)

  • Pad Thai from Star of Siam (yeah, I get it every time)

  • Mango Kefir from StarFruit (an ice cream substitute)

Very tasty, all. And Judi got so much mustard fried catfish that she shared with me. Oh, and we got a free sample of Sierra Mist Natural, too.

We waddled back to the apartment and just missed the first rain. Since then there's been several thunderous storms and lots of rain. Nice being inside instead of out.
Tags: chicago, elsa, food, judi
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