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Just one more thing...

A post of Short thoughts:
  • I was sad to read of the passing of Peter Falk today. (Read it first on Twitter from one of the webcomic artists I follow. But quite a few others on my Twitter feed mentioned it as well.) One of my favorite actors.

  • Well done, New York, on allowing gay marriage!

  • The folks and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, so only one more movie to go before the last movie comes out!

  • Last Friday night, the folks and I went to our first concert in Downtown Troy for the summer season. A fun Motown group called Touch.

  • Last Saturday was the Louisiana Boil at the Fishers. Gary even ordered 20lb of live crawdads for the boil. Well, they were live until I dumped 'em into the boiling water. Then they were delicious.

  • I'm registered for my summer survey course in Organic Chemistry taking place in mid-July. Should be fun!

  • Next weekend I'll be in Chicago - woot! Here's hoping judiang has a better trip home from the UK than her trip there was! Would be nice to visit her and her actually there to be visited. Heh.

  • Spending the night at the folks' so I can go to the farmer's market with 'em in the morning. I've eaten most of the cheese I bought last week.

So anyhoo, several thoughts there. Perhaps I'll do a proper Tribute to Falk write-up later when I can organize my thoughts better. Maybe I'll watch Murder by Death and The Cheap Detective in honor of the guy. Nah, I know... The In-Laws. I'll bet dad would watch it with me. "Serpentine!"
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