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It's Summah! YAY!

Yeterday was the last day of school - YAY! Today I went swimming for the first time of the season - YAY! Tomorrow we go to the Strawberry Festival - YAY!

Things are full of YAY right now. My new ebook reader arrived on Friday. I got a BeBook and am loving it so far. My laptop and my BeBook are a great combo. (Thanks for the rec, redstarrobot!) I've got a library book on it already and have filled it with all of the eBooks I've found/bought over the years (except the ones I got from which won't work with it, alas). I bought a 16GB SD card for it today, too. Doubt if I'll ever fill it (could get well over 5000 books on that card).

Just watched the half-series finale for Doctor Who and it was full of YAY too. One of the zillions of theories that I had about a certain someone was actually right, as well. YAY! (OK, that means the other zillions weren't right, but there ya go.)

I was actually done with my classroom BEFORE our day was over. And then they let us leave half an hour early if we were checked out. YAY!

I was a bit bummed last night when I got home and was going to play with my new BeBook, but my Internet was down. So I ran off to McDonald's in Milton and fininshed setting it up so that I could read it back home. (The Internet was back today, YAY!)

My hot water heater had been down since Thursday and the plumber was finally able to get here today. The water heater was actually OK, but the light went out. I then had him fix my side outdoor faucet, which turned out to be more of a pain than he had anticipated, but he was successful. I'm hoping the house hasn't blown up - I've been at my folks' place most of today.

So YAY - a great start to my summer break!
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